Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society (APCNS)

APCNS Conference Bid Guidance Document  



Asia-Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society (APCNS) Conference is held nominally every two years. The process which results in a Conference being mounted starts with the decision of the APCNS Board to agree to the Conference being organised in a particular place at a certain time. In order for the decision to be made on a fair and rational basis, it is sensible that bidders use a common format. This document sets out what that format should be, and suggestions as to the type and detail of information that would be helpful. It is appreciated that it may not be possible to provide detailed answers to all questions (e.g. exact dates). The list of questions is indicative, not 

mandatory, but the more information provided, the more complete the evaluation can be. Comparable details from the most recent APCNS Conference can be provided by the Secretary/Treasurer. Once a bid is awarded, limited amounts of start-up funding will be provided by APCNS. Other support from the Society will be available, such as details of previous sponsorship contributors, and general organisational assistance from the Secretary/Treasurer. 



What are the proposed dates of the meeting, length, starting day/date, finishing day/date? 

Are you aware of any other meetings being planned which could have an impact on attendance during the proposed dates? 

What will be the likely local weather conditions during the time period proposed for the Conference? 



Where the meeting would be held, which city/location? 



What venue (Conference Centre, facility, hotel etc) will be used? 

Does it have good AV facilities? 

Are there sufficient break out rooms for concurrent sessions, and are they of a suitable size? 

Does the venue offer suitable facilities for refreshments, poster display areas, exhibition space, and informal meeting areas? 

Are there suitable internet access facilities for delegate use? 

Is it close to the delegate accommodation provision? 

How easy/costly would it be for delegates to access the venue from the accommodation facilities? 



Is there a good choice of local hotels/guesthouses available, and what are the likely costs per delegate night? What are restaurant costs likely to be? 


Transport links 

What international/local airport/train/other links would be available for delegates to access? How long is travel time from the major international hubs? 


Meeting organisation 

Who would be on the local organising committee, names, previous experience of organising international/national/local meetings do they have? 

The APCNS Board requires that the Society Secretary/Treasurer be a member of that Committee. 

Who would be on the scientific organising committee, what are their names, qualifications and experience? 

Would a professional organising company be used, and if so which one, and what are their credentials? 



How much would the aim be to raise for sponsorship, and from where would it come? 

Are there any local industry/government people that would be involved in assisting with this, if so who might they be? 



What are the likely costs of: Travel from the international hubs? Registration fees? 



What facilities are available locally for recreation/tourism during the meeting period? 

What are the plans for time off? Half day/full day? 

When would this occur in the programme? 

Are there any local cultural events taking place at the same  time? 


Scientific Aspects  

1.   How many concurrent sessions are proposed?  

2.   What would be the major themes of the meeting?  

3.   Is there an opportunity of interacting with other local/national groups with an interest in lipids and health (e.g. dieticians, clinicians etc) 

4.   Is there likely to be an opportunity for local public scientific interaction with delegates?  

5.   Is it proposed that the proceedings be published, and if so how and where? 

6.   What support would be offered to plenary speakers, how many would there be? 

7.   Is it proposed that there be encouragement for young investigators, and in what form would it be? 



What are the proposals to exploit any publicity for the meeting while is taking place? 



How many delegates is the meeting likely to attract? From within the country? From outside the country? How many exhibitors are likely to attend? 


International Union of Nutritional Sciences
World Health Organization
Chinese Nutrition Society
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations